Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Witches Tea Party -- Day 2!

I hope everyone enjoyed the first day of our tea party!

You guys have created really magical posts. Thank you to everyone joining me this busy All Hallow's weekend. I hope the tea parties will lend an extra touch of magic to your celebrations.

Please join me now for the second day of our witchy event!

If you are adding your party for the first time you're welcome to add your link to this post. And if you are doing a two day party please feel free to add your second post here.

You can make your rounds using the guest list on the side bar, just please remember that not everyone might have a post up yet. Don't forget to check out the comments from Saturday's party for the first round of festivities.

Thank you again and enjoy!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Time for a witches tea!

Hello my lovelies! Welcome to the first half of our Witches Tea Party.

I see some of you already have your parties ready to go!

If you stopped by earlier and added your link to the previous post please add it to this one as well so we don't miss you :)

Remember you are welcome to post your party on either day or on both days if you like. So when you are ready to make your rounds check both Saturday and Sunday's posts for new additions.

Enjoy and thank you for joining me again this year!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The pumpkins are carved, cauldron is bubbling, moon cakes are frosted and the kettle is singing. All Hallows Eve will be upon us, bringing an end to a month of magic and merriment. But I have to hold on to every last bit of Autumn that I can. So don't put away your broomsticks just yet.

On All Hallows weekend I will be hosting a gathering of witches for a tea party under a Halloween moon to celebrate and to remember.

I invite you to create a tea party to express and honor the witch in all of you. Whether you are an artful witch, a whimsical witch or a magickal witch (and yes you can be all). Your tea party can be fun and playful, sacred and soulful, hauntingly spooky or simply beautiful.

Do you have family traditions to honor ancestors?

Perhaps you create beautiful altars to celebrate the Day of the Dead or follow the Wheel of the Year.

I invite you to share them here with friends. This is the time of the year we remember dear loved ones who have gone, including our dearest furry ones. You might wish to honor them with a very special tea and maybe share a memory.

Of course you can go all out and do a whimsically delicious party like the Autumn Mad Tea Party featured in the current Better Homes and Gardens Halloween magazine.

It's the last pumpkin party of the season so get those creative juices flowing!

Since this event will be happening on the final mad days before Halloween I thought it might be fun to make it a 2 day event. I will have 2 separate small posts, one on each day. You are welcome to post on either or both days if you like.

I will have the first post up on Friday evening, the 28th. Then I'll  post another the following evening of the 29th. Don't forget to come back and add your party link(s) to either or both. My party will be on my blog Frosted Petunias.

Your tea party can be as fancy as a real party (with real people!) or as simple as a cup of tea and a poem.  And remember, you can create your party post anytime between now and that weekend, and if you plan to be away you can auto post then come back and visit at your leisure. If you have to auto post and can't join us on the actual party day(s) please come back and add your link to the comments as soon as you can so your post can stay in the archives. This page will be up permanently.

The Witches Tea Party Under a Halloween Moon is open to all active bloggers. If this is your first time you can visit the FAQ page from my Practical Magic blog party HERE. The rules are the same other than the theme and the date of course. You are also welcome to email me with your questions.

Again, if you try to leave a comment and run into a problem please email me instead. Unfortunately Blogger seems immune to all our witchy spells.

October 31st is always bittersweet as I hate seeing it all come to an end. It has been an enchanting season of pointy hats, wicked brews and a swirl of black and orange glitter. So if you still have a little bit of zip left in your broomstick, come and join me again in the heart of the Darkest Woods for one more cup of remembrance tea. We'll show off our witchy hats and dance once more by the ancient oak under a fading Halloween moon.

*Pics are from my tea party last year.
You can see the entire post if you click the link on the right.